Everyone dreams of living a 
feeling free in their bodies, healing from past traumas, and getting
A lot of people are afraid to listen to their heart and take that step, not realizing that living a stress free life with a body they feel comfortable in and freedom from trauma is possible!
You can move through life with all of the energy, joy, and freedom that you were meant to!
I'm so ready for this!
I know you want to get unstuck, feel good in your body again, heal from your past, and rediscover what lights you up!

You just haven’t had someone to guide and support you, someone who will formulate a specific plan just for you! You don’t have to figure this out on your own.
I love cozy days with my family, snuggles with my 2 pomchis, and walking in the grass with my bare feet. I’m obsessed with the brain, and discovering what makes people do what they do. I have a passion for helping high achievers get unstuck, lose weight, de-stress, and heal from past traumas, so they can live their life with ease, purpose, and joy.
Maybe you don’t think you have time to heal yourself, or maybe you feel guilty making yourself a priority. 

Maybe you’re staying up late googling your symptoms and trying to “doctor” yourself. 

You don’t tell anyone that you’re suffering because you’re the strong one of the family that everyone goes to when they need help.

In working with Joni, I've experienced exactly what I hoped to achieve: release from and shifting out of old thought patterns that kept me stuck in old emotions and experiences; empowerment to make healthier decisions that are aligned with the direction I desire to go; and new energy and vision to create the life I desire to live.

“I achieved wholeness. I got answers. Answers to more than just my physical health, but in my mental and emotional health as well. Things I didn’t realize were there that were brought to the surface. Things that we faced head-on and got through. Physically I lost 20lbs, and my skin looks amazing, I feel more confident in every way. I also feel more educated as well!”

-Melissa Pietrone

“This whole process has been spiritually, emotionally, and physically healing, liberating, and empowering. My desire and hard work led me to the obvious next step of brain rewiring, and with the help of this highly effectual process and such a divinely intuitive and wise guide, I am now able to go further than I ever could have gone on my own.”

You’re tired of feeling stuck.
You’re tired of gaining and losing weight over and over.
You’re holding on to belly weight.
You’re suffering from past traumas that you can’t seem to shake.
You’re feeling alone in your health journey.
You’re feeling overstressed and “blah”.

and let me guide you on your journey to healing your body, mind, and soul.

i'm so ready for this!

nutrition, functional medicine labs, brain rewiring, healing song sessions, and trauma healing, formulating an individualized plan just for you.