Show Notes

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Are you following one diet after another, with a dream number on the scale?

Or are you trying to live up to a photoshop, with unrealistic expectations?

Your mind is powerful and while struggling with what you think or have been told it should look like, you may develop a negative brain pattern causing judgment, insecurities, and restrictive thinking.

It's time to explore how you really see yourself.

Today Joni shares her views and knowledge of how to create a healthy and loving relationship with your body.


00.56 Introduction

04.24 The Struggle

07.37 The Challenge of making a Change

09.47 Knowing

11.06 Failure

13.32 Physical &Physiological Effects

13.54 Deprivation

20.08 Breaking Habits

23.33 Stopping the Cycle of Self-Sabotage

31.03 Conclusion

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