Show Notes

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When faced with daily obstacles, does fear block your mind and make your path unclear?
It can be sparked by work,  relationships, or family.

Are you able to make clear decisions in these situations? Or do you find yourself overthinking and paralyzed at the thought of making a decision, amplifying anxiety and depression?

Joni shares how fear originates as a primal instinct, and how you can start including peace and homeostasis to start making intuition lead decisions today.

Your childhood reflection mirrors back to the world who you were wired to be, and you aren't able to be free and feel 100% yourself. Being emotionally stuck can cause you to be unable to trust your emotional side. 

Are you ready to gain confidence and become who you are truly meant to be?

Today Joni shares her knowledge of being emotionally stuck, understanding the concept, and how to work through this process of becoming emotionally free.

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