Show Notes

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Are you following one diet after another, with a dream number on the scale?

Or are you trying to live up to a photoshop, unrealistic expectations?

Your mind is powerful and while struggling with what you think or have been told it should look like, you develop a negative brain pattern causing judgment, insecurities, and restrictive thinking.

Ask yourself, how do you see yourself?

Today Joni shares her views and knowledge of how to create a healthy and loving relationship with your body.


0.56 Introduction

05.28 The Struggle

06.00 1st Type of Toxic Thinking

10.15 2nd Type of Toxic Thinking 

14.34 A Negative Brain Pattern

17.21 The Change Within

19.45 Your Body’s Motivator

21.20 Healing Your Inner Dialogue

23.22 Approaching With Non-judgement

25.47 Changing Your Narrative

27.04 Healthy Mindset

29.00 Conclusion

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