Show Notes

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Do you use Manipulation to get what you want? Or do you keep quiet to just keep the peace when confronted with Passive-Aggressive Behavior?

Your emotions end up bottled up inside, because you feel you aren’t allowed to speak openly. A behavior which feels normal and acceptable, finding yourself gossiping or giving someone the silent treatment.  Recognition is the first step to dealing with Passive-Aggressive in a healthy way.

Are you ready to share what you honestly feel in the situation you are in?

Today Joni is shares her thoughts and Strategies of how to diffuse Passive-Aggressive behavior.


00.55 Introduction

02.37 How does Passive-Aggressive look like?

06.15 How Is this Behavior Learnt?

11.50 Types of Reactions

15.22 The Reflection in the Mirror

17.15 Time Owned

18.25 Showing Passive-Aggressive Behavior

20.26 Emotional Security

27.12 Diffusing Passive-Aggressive Behavior

32.35 Engaging in Passive-Aggressive Behavior

35.10 Conclusion

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