Show Notes

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What is my purpose in life?

And am I even good enough?

These phrases are used almost daily by each and everyone of us, it shapes how insecurities creep into our lives. 

Self-Doubt causes us to compare ourselves with others and we slowly start to lose our confidence.

Today Joni shares how you can start building your confidence, one step at a time from within. by listening to a unique perspective and overcoming insecurities.

Let’s start embracing who you are and start to uncover your unique talents and skills.


00.54 Introduction

04.17 Insecurities in an Individual

08.12 From Our Roots

11.18 Self-Confidence

13.38 Valuing yourself

14.30 Insecurities

16.47 Guidance & Vulnerability

20.02 Growth from Imperfections

22.06 Toxic Relationships

25.17 Self-Acceptance

27.45 The Ripple Effect

28.15 Failure

30.15 Conclusion

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