Show Notes

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You crave a life of adventure, yet there is a high wall built around you. 

You find yourself in a place of comfort, but not of desire, where you repeat your daily activities over and over again. With the need to run, but that wouldn’t that be selfish of you - so you stay.

What is keeping you stuck? A relationship, behavior, or allowing yourself to be misused.

So ask yourself, who do you want to really be?

“You were made to fulfill your life’s purpose, but you need to give yourself permission first”

Today Joni Shares her Insight of causes and tools so that you can move into the momentum of getting “unstuck” and understanding negative brain pathways in your life.


00.56 Introduction

02.20 Feelings

04.08 Quiet Time

05.17 Exhaustion

06.59 Expectations

08.15 Being Misused

08.55 Comfort

11.01 Longing for Freedom

12.30 Eliminating Stress

15.00 Brain Rewiring

15.40 Hearts Desires

18.18 Toxic Relationships

19.40 Stress

21.30 Your Choice & Ability

26.00 With Purpose

28.30 Taking the Leap

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