Show Notes

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Is perfectionism stopping you from being authentically yourself?

Perfectionism can range from body image to the words you speak.

You find yourself trying to keep everyone happy, but you have set multiple rules and higher unreachable expectations that keep you in a stressed state.  

Not being able to find an outlet to express yourself, without the fear of being judged. 

"Doing your best and perfectionism isn’t the same thing."

Today Joni Shares her Insights and life skills around Perfectionism so that you can move and breathe through life again at ease.


00.55 Introduction

03.13 How to recognize perfectionism

06.15 Fueling perfectionism

08.32 Self- Criticism

12.46 Regret

15.13 The Responder

19.42 Permission

22.11 Forgiveness

25.27 Validation

26.53 Humanity

29.11 Expansion

30.13 Conclusion

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