Show Notes

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Do you feel anxious or defensive around someone?

Exposure to chronic stress can go unseen from the naked eye like Chronic pain, but there is always an answer.  

“You will only stay stuck if you stay closed off “

Today Joni Shares, How Chronic stress can influence you and your body as well as how to make the shift to overcome the reoccurring stress state.


00.55 Introduction

02.33 Different Sources of Stress

02.58 Trauma

06.48 An Unloved Occupation

10.14 Recognition

11.23 Toxic Relationships

14.28 Internal & Physical Stress

17.00 Effects of Stress

19.00 Overcoming Trauma

21.50 Negative Brain Pathways

24.00 Pivoting

27.27 Healthy Relationships

29.02 Life Infusion

31.42 Conclusion

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