Show Notes

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Do you feel the need to justify yourself within the relationship you are in?

The ongoing need to feel love and accepted by your loved ones or you have to constantly explain your own intentions.

Today Joni shares her quick guide on how to rediscover your identity throughout relationships, as well as an exercise you can start implying today to regain your confidence.



00.56 introductions

01.50 How did you lose your identity?

02.10 Responsibilities

04.27 Habits

06.54 Negative Brain Pathways

08:48 Interpretating Feelings

12.17 Ignoring Feelings

13.42 Self-Reflection within Relationships

16.30 Defensive Posture

19.30 Indicators of Feeling Unsafe with Yourself

21.27 Expected Patterns

22.21 Regaining your Identity

24.45 Unconditional Love

32.00 Recognizing Boundaries

33.02 Conclusion

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