Show Notes

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Are you able to stick to your boundaries, or are they easily crossed without being reinforced?

Have you found peace within boundaries or is it built up from stress and anxiety to keep everyone happy?

Or maybe you find yourself questioning what you said multiple times, just to ensure you didn’t upset anyone.

Today Joni shares how to set Clear Boundaries and understand emotions around relationships.

“Setting Clear Boundaries on what you will or will not accept in your life are necessary in order for you to live in peace”


00.56 Introduction

02.00 Why do you need Boundaries?

04.03 Examining your Actions

05.22 Stress or Anxious

07.38 Family Boundaries

11.25 Toxic Relationship

16.58 When People Make Change

20.38 How to Set Boundaries

24.48 Boundaries for Toxic Relationships

26.30 Testing Boundaries

28.50 Reinforcing New Patterns

31.32  Conclusion

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