Show Notes

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Finding love in the modern world isn’t as easy as it was before. So many different Apps and social media platforms, where does one even start?

How do you know someone is your soul mate and not just another breath in the wind?

Or maybe you find yourself in a long-term relationship and it feels as if a drought has come across your relationship.

Today Joni shares her secret to finding true love and how to Reignite the spark in your love life.  


00:57 Introduction

03.15 Relationship Tools

04.28 Trusting the Timing

07.10 A Whole Person

09.47 Path to Discovery Your Soulmate

11.06 Opportunities & Challenges

12.16 Attracting Your Soulmate

16.06 Reigniting the Spark

19.15 My Top Tips

22.10 Nurturing Relationships

24.32 Setting the Tone

25.36 Conclusion

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