Show Notes

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Do you feel you need to look a certain way to be accepted by your friends and community?

Has society influenced the idea of needing an ideal body image to be loved?

" Your body  will reflect what's inside of you" - Joni

In this Episode, Joni shares her expertise in fighting the battle of self-image and gaining freedom from critiques, so that you feel no need to overanalyze or compare yourself to others.

How do you see yourself? 


00.56 Introduction

03.19 Adaptions

05.37 Reflections

06.26 Healthy Habits vs Obsessions

07.20 Acceptance

09.55 Your Perspective

12.11 Unrealistic Expectations

16.20 Vitality

20.24 Sharing Your Wisdom

22.04 Body Mindset

24.45 Respect & Patience

28.49 Conclusion

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