Show Notes

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It's your turn to express yourself and speak up, but your heart is pounding loud and you break into a cold sweat ...

Why is this happening, is it just because you might be an introvert or actually experiencing Anxiety?

Maybe you find yourself clenching your jaw and picking at your fingers, or even just the silence in a conversation makes you extremely uncomfortable.

“Anxiety pops up as a way of your body trying to protect you against danger”

Today Joni Shares how to identify anxiety triggers, and how to find Peace and break free from the cycle of Anxiety.


00.53 Introduction

01.46 Myth Against Anxiety

02.40 Fear and Concern

05.41 Signs and Symptoms

06.19 Physical Reactions

09.15 Emotional Indications

15.24 Becoming Quiet

16.25 Addiction

17.07 Running Away

18.00 An Anxiety Pattern

20.10 Reflections

23.00 Expectations

24.28 Asking for Help

25.50 Healing Modalities

30.10 Conclusion

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