Show Notes

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Have you ever been in a relationship that feels like a gift- you are able to share each other's dreams, goals, and even tears - being together never felt like an effort only pure joy...

But, heartache drops as a fracture occurs and suddenly you are left with uncertainty around each other and do not understand why.

“The most important thing is that you are able to heal so that you can live a whole and fulfilling life”

Today Joni Shares how to identify a fracture within a Relationship and take the necessary steps so that you can grow with or without this significant other.


00.56 Introduction

01.05 An Ideal Relationship

04.11 The Shift

06.51 Hyper focus

08.36 Separation

09.18 Intuition

11.07 Emotion Ride

13.23 Restoration VS Destruction

15.36 Grief

16.40 Trust

18.47 Reflection

20.18 The Healing Process

22.21 Open hearted

24.21 Growth


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