Show Notes

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Do you live your life without question?

Are you able to breathe the fresh air knowing that life events won’t chip away from your self-worth?

Being able to speak from your heart and freely?

“I don’t believe in accidents; everything happens for a reason…”

Today Joni speaks about Owning your own life story – without questioning or defending yourself. Gaining the freedom to write your story.


00.44 Introduction

02.50 Messy Stories

04.16 Closing yourself off

04.37 Symptoms of losing yourself 

05.44 Losing yourself

06.00 Emotional manipulation

07.36 Owing your Story

09.03 Healing

12.10 Blind from the truth

13.29 Striving Mode

14.32 How to Own your Story- Shift out of victimhood

18.24 Dealing with Negative Energy

20.00 Finding Space

21.55 Desolate your Wise Mind

25.09 Freedom & Healing

28.18 Conclusion

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