Show Notes

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You find yourself needing to control every situation, every outcome, and every person involved, but why?

Have you been silenced and lost trust in yourself? 
Or maybe your insecurities leave you feeling silenced and with the need to be validated 

“ Allow yourself to move through it, instead of resisting it"

Today Joni shares why you feel the need to control others, and how to set yourself free.

Time Stamps :

00.53 Introduction

02.00 Needing Control

02.59 Understanding Fear

04.24 Force

07.12 Giving up Control

08.29 Hardships

10.16 Strength & Wisdom

11.05 Root of Control

13.10 Misunderstood

14.02 Truth

17.39 Clarity

19.17 Burnout

21.02 Freedom

22.35 Unconditional Love, Trust & Release

27.12 Conclusion

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