Show Notes

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Do you find yourself in a constant anxious state, unproductive, and slowing your energy depletes you from living your full life?

As worry increases within your body, you will become physically and emotionally destructive, your thinking will be clouded, and you will reach burnout, but it doesn't have to be. 

Today Joni shares the root cause of negative brain patterns formed from worry and fear, and how to shift your mind to find abundance.

“Worry is fear of something in the future based on something that happened in your past”

Are you living every moment that has been given to you, or are you wasting life?


00.55 Introduction

02.51 Root of Habit

05.27 Reality

07.23 Negative Brain Patterns

08.07 Side Effects on the Body

08.45 Reaching Burn Out

12.16 Navigating Through Life

13.20 Worries Purpose

14.27 Breaking Out of the Cycle of Worry

15.58 Awareness

17.08 Stepping Back

18.35 Letting Go & Take Action

19.36 Trust the Process

20.40 Energy of Others

22.49 Open Heart & Mind

23.36 Shifting your Thoughts

29.06 Conclusion


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