Show Notes

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Do you enjoy routines? Or have a sense of knowing there is a balance?

And when something doesn’t go as planned- you find yourself trying to keep all the pieces together and they just seem to crumble, more and more?

Today Joni Shares her insights of being unbalanced. She dives deeper into what is really happening inside of your body, and how to find your way back to your center.

“Telling yourself you shouldn’t be what you are, is not giving to yourself what you need “

You might be able to convince yourself to “keep it together” during a difficult situation, but how do you bring back the balance inside of you.


00.56 Introduction

02.30 Being Unbalanced

03.20 Keep it Together

05.15 Painting a Picture

07.55 Sharing your Thoughts

10.28 Losing Focus of the Present Moment

13.15 Your Body

16.00 Strength

16.45 Finding your Balance

19.23 The Answer

21.13 Faith

22.36 Envisioning your Future

24.59 Clarity

26.15 Surface VS Deep Cleaning

28.11 The First Step

29.16 True Peace

30.20 Conclusion

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