Show Notes

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Do you often find yourself in a state of mind, not being able to move forward or find momentum - because you are overthinking the process?

You might find that negative emotions are starting to slow you down, your energy level is at a constant low and your mind is in overdrive - you are drained.

Whether your performance is on the line, or you are just scared of making the same mistake again, you need to be able to identify when your thought the process has turned into an overthinking situation.

“Everyone has struggles, Everyone has weaknesses – you just might not be seeing it”

Today Joni shares how to recognize and deal with the rut of overthinking, stay tuned for this insightful episode.


00.55 Introduction
01:32 Triggers
04.26 Level of Excellence
07.07 Avoiding Mistakes
09.01 Oversharing
11.27 Response
14.44 Understanding the Thinking Process
15.36 Negative Feelings
16.45 Challenge the Thoughts
17.55 Control
19.00 Does it Matter?
21.12 Ignoring Negative Energy
21.43 Expressing your Thoughts
22.37 Breaking the Cycle
23.33 Perfectionism
24.40 Learning from your Mistakes
25.41 Feeling of Regret
29.00 Conclusion

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