Show Notes

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Do you feel it’s expected from you to give a reason for each of your actions, maybe you feel pressured by others?

When an opportunity occurs, sometimes the answer is obvious - when other times a mix of emotions can accompany your decision, leaving you complicating and doubting yourself.

Do these insecurities leave you with regret and maybe even feeling a bit tempted to make adjustments to “fix” your decisions?

“Doubting is laced with regret, regretting something is living in the past” 

Today Joni shares how you can eliminate your doubts and fears around decisions, be able to release negative feelings, see the situation in a healthy way and shift into a new way of thinking.

When your heart says “No”, does your mind wander “Was it the right or wrong decision?”


00.55 Introduction

02.32 Understanding your decisions

04.23 Emotion Based Decision

05.47 Healthy Mindset

07.20 Finding a Valid Reason

08.39 Overthinking

09.21 Feeling Nothing

10.48 Making Sense

12.13 Understanding your Energy

15.48 Confronting Challenges

18.58 Living in the Past

19.54 Experiences

20.51 Owning your Decision

22.02 Self-Criticizing Thoughts

23.29 Regret

26.29 Restrictions

28.58 Conclusion

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