Show Notes

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Do you find yourself carrying shame and guilt from past experiences?

When words aren’t able to describe the emotion associated with your past.

“Forgiveness happens easily when the sting of pain is gone”

Today Joni shares her knowledge of how to rebuild and renew the past so that you can use it as a tool to help navigate your life, through wisdom and strength.


00:56 Introduction

01.52 Showing your Dark Side

05.43 When is the right time to let Go?

06.10 More than Forgiveness

08.38 Open Heart

09.37 Quick Fix

11.42 Healing Environment

12.44 Becoming who you are.

14.29 The Best & The Worst

15.45 Perfectionism Mode

16.19 Regret of Mistakes

18.00 Acknowledgement

18.37 Changing the Past

19.36 Ready for a New Way

20.34 Taking your Power Back

21.20 Experiences & Emotions

23.17 Healing Process

24.56 Sending Love

27.28 Connect with me.

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