Show Notes

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Do you find yourself under a constant stress state, jaw clenching, and difficulty breathing?

Maybe you are giving yourself unrealistic timeframes and deadlines, or taking on too many tasks at once.

“Just because you are capable, or someone asked you, it doesn’t mean you are the one to do it”

Today Joni shares how to De-stress even during a thunderstorm of Stress, ending with a self-practice and brain rewiring coaching.

Are you ready to Reset your brain, and make 2022 a year Free from Stress?


00.56 Introduction

02.54 Avoiding Stress

03.56 Forms of stress

04.43 Understand the Reason

05.18 Leadership

07.13 Understanding your Stress

11.14 Quiet with your Mind

12.33 Fresh Perspective

14.28 Deadlines

16.54 Open-Minded

18.48 The Stress Holder

20.08 Healing from Stress

21.27 Letting go of Others Stress

23.09 Boundaries

24.06 The Alternative 

26.32 Reset your Brain

27.45 Self Practice

29.31 Cleaning the Cobwebs

30.25 Being Free in 2022

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