Show Notes

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Does the Festive Season bring Overwhelm and Sadness into your heart?

Is there someone who you miss that usually fills up your heart during this festive season?

“My mom’s cooking was just that- Soul Therapy”

For now, grab your favorite Christmas drink and join Joni, with this personal story of a very special person in her life. And a trip down memory lane of a big family filled with big love.

 “Let your soul soak in the joy and the love”


00.54 Introduction

03.13 Family Traditions

04.53 Christmas Eve

08.12 House of Love

11.35 Anticipation for the Holiday Season

12.38 A Holy Night

14.05 Christmas Morning

19.33 Moms Roast

20.52 Honoring my Mother

24.16 Missing your Loved Ones

27.17 Others who have Lost

30.36 Connect with Me

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