Show Notes

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A New Year has begun, which is exciting for some but could cause Overwhelm for others. 

Do you find yourself having to set unrealistic goals you might not achieve, just to please society?

Or you find yourself frowning at what you did not accomplish in 2021.

“Maybe it is time now to open up and explore what you really want”

Today Joni Welcomes you into a New Year, where you can learn to make decisions that Create Healthy Brain Patterns so that you can become your best self.

Let’s Start the New Year Fresh, with no pressure and with new desires and Visions that make you excited for the opportunities that await.


00.54 Introduction

03.00 Reflection

04.32 Filling your Needs

05.55 Desiring Change

06.51 Visions & Goals

08.32 Goal Setting

10.30 Desires

12.00 Previous Dreams

12.50 Explore

14.24 Day Dreaming

16.08 Healthy Brain Patterns

17.10 New Opportunities & Perceptions

18.28 Decision Making

19.12 My Question for You.

22.10 Acknowledgement

24.05 Looking Back at 2021

26.55 Connect with Me

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