Show Notes

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Does grief make you feel like you are stuck in a dark pit?

How can you heal, and find joy ever again?

When you are grieving, your body is full of mixed emotions. Being able to embrace all these emotions that are associated with your pain,  and see them as indicators to grow and heal all of your scars.

Today Joni shares how she is healing from grief, as well as 3 ways how you can start moving out of darkness and into the light.

“Don’t be afraid to find joy in the middle of the darkness”


00.54 Gratitude

02.52 Getting Out of The Dark Place

06.04 Ripple Effects

07.52 The Process of Healing

08.29 Laughter

15.00 Embracing all the Emotions

17.56 Comparison

20.39 Asking & Receiving Help

22.38 Give to Yourself

24.33 Finding the Answer

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