Show Notes

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Are you attracting the right kind of people into your life?

When you can connect with people who see and love you for who you are, you automatically create abundance in your life. These are the types of friends that don't try to change you but instead support you whether you are at your lowest and best times.

“Truth is lasting, and lies are temporary.”

It's easy to believe this kind of friendship doesn't exist, but today Joni shares how you too can start attracting real friendships into your life, without force.


00.56 Introduction

05.15 Trust

07.48 Healthy Relationships

09.29 Toxic Patterns

10.23 Acknowledgement

13.50 Allowing Relationships in your Life

15.48 Attracting Relationships

16.27 Giving Up Control

18.09 Company

21.35 Blind Spots

23.30 Confidence

24.35 Love and Release

26.55 Stay Connected



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