Show Notes

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Do you physically feel drenched from someone else's burden?

Your mind is constantly running, conversations are formed around this person and maybe even your body starts to ache.

Wanting to help or guide someone you deeply care about can become an attached situation or problem to you and your loved ones if you aren't able to set healthy boundaries.

“Carrying something that isn’t your is unhealthy for your mind, soul, and your body”

Today Joni shares how you can recognize and understand why you might be carrying around someone else's burdens.
By including Brain Rewiring into your lifestyle, you are able to create and nurture patterns to become free from the guilt and overwhelm associated with carrying burdens, you will also be able to keep empowering yourself to make a lasting change.


00.56 Introduction

01.26 Recognizing a Burden

03.52 Physical Effects

05.19 Heavy Feelings

08.36 Underlining Reasons

11.22 Unhealthy Burdens

15.13 Releasing the Burden

18.10 Brain Rewiring

20.17 Healthy Boundaries

23.49 Freedom

25.06 Guilt



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