Show Notes

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 Do you feel like you are a magnet for disappointment?

Maybe you took a sharp turn and now all you see is disappointment?

Disappointment can come in many forms, whether that's big or small, but understanding the deeper meaning of why you are responding in a certain manner or out of fear is what will help you heal and move forward.

"It can cloud your mind from making wise decisions because Fear is making the decisions for you”

Today Joni shares how you can not only deal with disappointment but uncover the relationships you have built around it over time.


00.55 Introduction

02.40 Encounter Disappointment

04.40 Change of Perspective

06.12 Healing from Disappointment

07.03 Fear

10.14 New Connections

13.02 Acknowledge your Emotions

15.23 Finding Balance

18.45 Navigating

21.30 Experiences

24.30 Healing from Disappointment

26.53 Stay Connected

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