Show Notes

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Saying No and asking for help is hard , especially when you are an independent and strong willed person- In the back of your mind you might be thinking “why? The result won’t be as ‘good’ as if I just did it myself !” 

This is where you need to ask yourself : Are you exactly where you should be, do you feel at peace with a sign of relief when you go to bed or do feel a constant nag of anxiety throughout the night?

“It’s not only okay to live your life, but you are made to live life- not just to get by – but to thrive in it” 

Today Joni shares the importance of letting go of the stressors in our lives that cause overwhelming burdens ,and avoid chronic stress.


00.57 Introduction

02.19 Exciting news

04.15 Signs to Consider

07.22 Delegating

08.24 The Concept

10.12 Strategies to Process

12.30 Physical Symptoms

15.03 Little Stressors

16.20 Asking for Help

18.58 Alternative Way

20.38 A Fulfilled Life

23.01 People Pleasing

24.02 Setting Boundaries

26.06 A World of Opportunities

27.54 Stay Connected

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