Show Notes

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Do you struggle with saying No or maybe you have been accused of being too harsh or stubborn when you do?

When we are able to understand the  "why" behind our "No"  we will not only be able to embrace but build ourselves up towards where we want to be going, eliminating self-criticism out of the negative energy.

Today Joni shares how you can start understanding the why behind your  "No" as well as avoid any fear, trust, or self-doubt to reclaim your voice.

“You can not rewire a negative pattern from a negative place”

Letting your No be a NO will allow you to trust and speak your heart while embracing all of your "quirkiness".



00.56 Letting Your NO Be NO

02.41 Insecurities

03.43 Making A Change

07.40 Negative Patterns

08.30 Communication

10.16 Fear

12.12 Trust

14.34 Regret & Self-Doubt

16.04 Honesty

19.21 Self-Protection

21.15 Unconditional Love

23.36 Lost your Voice

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