Show Notes

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Do you avoid confrontation and fighting for what you believe is right, because it’s just too exhausting?

It is just so much easier letting go of a situation than actually standing up for yourself, but is it the best approach?
 When you take charge of a difficult situation, you are faced with multiple obstacles- whether that’s facing bullying tactics or confronting your emotions.
 Today Joni shares how you can naturally trust and deal with difficult situations, not let your emotions take the best of you, and still check in with yourself and your heart.
“ The passion you have will feed the energy and strength, that you have and need to keep going”

Being able to Voice what you believe is right, creates clarity around a situation and you will become empowered.



00.54 Fighting for What's Right in Your Life

03.03 Forceful Energy

05.08 Consumption of your Energy

06.58 Giving Up

08.06 Pure Intentions

09.00 The Breakthrough

11.04 When People Talk

11.40 Fear

13.23 Take Action

16.08 Creating an Impact

17.21 Emotion

18.26 Staying Focused

20.51 Deflection

24.00 Trusting the Shift

26.00 Honesty & Integrity

27.32 Stay Connected

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