Show Notes

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Do you often feel frustrated or ashamed of how you heal?

Often, we compare how we recover from traumas with others, by adding more negative emotions to try and speed up our healing process.

Today Joni Shares how to begin the process of recovering from trauma by understanding what prevents you from taking the next step and utilizing a powerful tool to create healthy brain patterns.

“With wisdom and a clear mind, I could feel my body responding and I was fighting for what was right”

Acknowledge the pain and see what the next step for you is. Giving your mind the chance to come up with a solution for yourself, listening to your body, and resting, will help you understand how healing from trauma is different for everyone, from the process to the speed and how one works through it. 



00.56 Recovering from Trauma

03.38 Fight or Flight Response

06.40 Leaving the Acute Phase

08.41 The Body Response

09.22 Your Perspective

11.26 How to Begin to Heal from Trauma

16.58 Facing Emotion

18.49 Rest & Repair

22.50 Creating Clear Thoughts

25.39 Stay Connected

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