Show Notes

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Are you stuck in the rut of life, and your goals of freedom, success, and healing are just unreachable?

That life is running you instead of you running it.

Perfectionism and limiting beliefs easily creep in when we think of your heart's desires goals and dreams, but what if there was a way to attain those goals without the pressure and overwhelm?

“You are not meant to be perfect through the process, it’s not possible, it’s not expected”

Today Joni shares how possible it is to not give up on your dreams, by transforming new patterns into habits and a unique approach to unblocking yourself from receiving your freedom.



00.52 unblocking yourself from receiving your freedom

02.52 Limiting Beliefs

05.17 Recognizing Desires

06.04 The Clear Roadmap

08.02 Feelings & Beliefs

10.45 Success Stories

14.02 Unclear Territory 

15.49 Keep Moving Forward

18.44 Time

20.55 Possibilities

22.05 Hardship

24.38 Reach Out

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